US Markerboard carries IdeaPaint!

Whiteboard Paint is an Eco-Friendly Solution for All Spaces

Looking for an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to replace an old chalkboard? Looking to liven up an unused wall in the playroom or office? Try a high-performing dry erase paint. Move over chalkboard paint and say hello to IdeaPaint!


“With this product, schools finally have a clean and environmentally safe way to convert old unwanted chalkboards into fresh clean whiteboards” says Scott Newman, President and CEO of US Markerboard. Millions of pounds of old chalkboards are thrown into America’s landfills every year. There’s also the cost of buying new whiteboards on ever-tightening budgets. If schools are looking for an environmentally friendly and economically feasible solution to their old chalkboards, this product makes sense.

While schools and offices also worry about LEED certification, and overall air quality, it may seem troubling to consider a paint as a viable solution. No need to worry though with IdeaPaint! The dry erase paint is formaldehyde-free, emits no harmful chemicals, and has passed California 01350 for Indoor Air Quality.

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