Success Magazine

What do Robert Downey Jr and USMB have in common?  SUCCESS Magazine!  SUCCESS Magazine is a trade magazine aimed specifically at entrepreneurs and small business based markets. The magazine takes a balanced approach to offering guidance and inspiration to people’s personal and professional lives. SUCCESS is one of the leading publications for entrepreneurs and small business enterprises.

In the January 2012 issue, USMB is highlighted in an article named “Baby Steps to Better Business”. The article focuses on small steps businesses can take that will create a big impact. In the article US Markerboard’s President and CEO Scott Newman spoke about updating our website and databases in an effort to stay competitive as well as reducing the intensive labor required to make even minor updates. Scott gave some prudent advice to other CEO’s saying “Take your time. Talk to you customers about the changes you are going to make and get their feedback. Talk to your staff, especially your Customer Service people. They are on the front lines and hear what your customers are saying. And make sure that your staff knows that although some of their ideas might end up on the cutting room floor, without their input that one great idea might never come.”