Q&A Week 7 What Type of Markers Are For Glass Boards?

#QOTW: What type of markers can you use on the Infinity GlassBoards and do you sell them?

Answer: One of the things that set glassboards apart from traditional markerboards is that you can use just about any marker on them, and they will wipe clean. For black glassboards, we recommend neon markers just so they ‘pop’ off the board more. We carry Sanford Neon Markers and Aarco Neon Markers in assorted packs. We also recommend adding our Arrow Glassworks Glassboard Cleaner and an eraser cloth (will not magnetically adhere to magnetic glass boards) to wipe everything clean with ease.

US Markerboard is well equipped and looks forward to pairing complimentary products together so that you get the most functionality out of them for years to come.