Q&A Week 4 A 72”H x 110”W Whiteboard in One Piece?

#QOTW Week 4

Question: Is it possible to get a 72”H x 110”W Whiteboard in one piece?

Answer: Traditional whiteboards are not available in such a large size as a single piece as they rely on materials limited to 60”, meaning you can’t have both height and width of a single piece whiteboard be larger than 60”. The good news though is that glass boards do not have a 60” limitation. You can get up to 74” x 142” glass boards made in one piece using our Arrow Glassworks GlassBoards; however, the size of the glass requires a steel backing to provide support, and the nature of glass boards is such that they are currently a bit more expensive than traditional whiteboards.That being said, if your primary concern is a seamless appearance, either as a writing or projection surface, we can do it!

As always, we simply ask that you make sure you can fit such a large object into your space, and be aware that a 72” x 110” magnetic glass board will weigh north of 300 lbs. Perhaps if interested in a very large glass board, consider our White Glove Service as a complementary piece of your quote/order.