Q&A Week 3 How Are Floor to Ceiling Whiteboards Attached to the Wall?

#QOTW Week 3

Question: How are the Floor to Ceiling Whiteboards attached to the wall?

Answer: Floor to ceiling whiteboards follow the typical installation: mount the trim (called j-trim) directly to the wall. It has a higher back than front to allow mounting at any point, then place the panels inside the trim, outside panels first, followed by interior panels, using the provided aluminum splines to join each panel. It is recommended to use a panel adhesive on the wall/panels that will set in 60 minutes to provide extra stability and prevention against warping due to gravity.

Any time you request a floor to ceiling system, we ask you for the finished outside dimensions you would like, the trim will match those dimensions, and the panels will be cut just slightly to allow for clean installation.

For further explanation, here is a great video on installing Floor to Ceiling Whiteboards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1bHEC1lOLY