Electronic Whiteboards Provide A Glimpse Into the Future

Google “whiteboards” and you’re more and more likely to find links to a new generation of computer-compatible boards like the M-17 Series Electronic Copyboard. This technology enables you to do a couple key things you can’t do with a traditional whiteboard:

  • Save what you’ve already written on your board to your computer so you can erase and write something new without worrying about needing those old idease board
  • Share your ideas word for word with colleagues across the country and around the globe via PDA, printout, or live web meeting

As a result, you can document all your presentations and streams of consciousness for future reference. And as corporations expand and go global, an electronic board like the SMARTboard or M-17 Electronic Copyboard presents the perfect way for you to bridge the physical gap between employees in different offices.rolling e board

Evolution can take place in baby steps, then suddenly advance in leaps and bounds. It took time for people to switch from chalkboards to whiteboards, and now we’re experiencing the next step in mass visual communication. Try out an electronic board  for yourself and take a glimpse into the future today.