Double Down with Our Freestanding Reversible Boards

classic reverse

So you need a chalkboard, bulletin board or whiteboard with more writing space than a traditional board, but you don’t have room on your wall. Sound like a stretch? It isn’t. US Markerboard sells freestanding reversible boards that can stand on their own two feet and give you the flexibility to write on two sides. As a result, you spend less time erasing and more time writing and presenting. Choose from 3 different sizes, 7 different magnetic and non-magnetic writing surface combinations, and a wood or aluminum frame.

mobile reverse

Wondering whether you’ll need extra time and extra help to move your freestanding reversible board? No problem – available rolling casters roll your board almost anywhere. In addition, you won’t have to worry that a reversible board will flip on its own – a unique double pin locking system holds the board in place for as long as you want. So buy a freestanding reversible board today and see another side of what it’s like to write on a great reverse