Custom Advertising Magnets Stick In Hearts and Minds of Prospective Consumers

There are a lot of magnets on the refrigerator in my apartment. Some of them were left by the previous tenants, but most of them come from local businesses and restaurants that leave them around the entryway of my building. And it’s no coincidence that I happen to patronize many of those same businesses on a regular basis. Strategically distributing your own Custom Advertising Magnets offers some key benefits over printing flyers or buying ad space in a magazine:

  • Location: Most people have a refrigerator at home that they visit on a regular basis. And before they open it to get a soda or a snack, they have to stop and look at your custom magnet on the door. It’s basically an inexpensive billboard that won’t come down anytime soon.magnets
  • Utility: To consumers, magnets are like free tacks and pushpins that hold up artwork, messages, shopping lists and other important notes on magnetic surfaces. As a result, people tend to leave them where they are, as opposed to disposable flyers and paper menus that don’t do much besides magnets
  • Space-saving Shapes and Sizes: Magnets are flat, compact and stick to certain metallic surfaces. On the other hand, paper piles up and rustles around, which makes it a prime candidate for the trash can or recycle bin.

With a lot of different businesses competing for the hearts, minds and palates of consumers, it’s tough to make yourself stand out. Custom Advertising Magnets represent a memorable way to advertise yourself over and over again in a prime location without turning off your audience.