A-Frame Sidewalk Menu Boards Give Businesses More Than An Outside Shot at Success

At first glance, chalkboards and warm weather don’t seem to go together, unless you’re one of the chosen few extending your education in a summer school classroom. But if you’re a business owner, warm weather brings more people outside and increases traffic outside your restaurant or shop. You need a low maintenance, attention-getting billboard that can appeal to the masses and help you tap into a significant potential market. A-Frame Sidewalk Café Menu Boards provide a portable, affordable option that can bring in business from every direction.

Here are a few features that make A-Frame Sidewalk Café Menu Boards an ideal fit for your business:

  • They’re double-sided, so pedestrians walking by from both sides can view your specials and featured items.wood a frame
  • The durable A-frame design folds up easily for space-saving storage and folds out for a steady, stable display.slim a frae
  • They come in 3 models, including a chalkboard with a convenient “Today’s Special” graphic printed across the top that won’t wash off when it rains.table a frame
  • Cardboard signs last for a day or two until you throw them away. With a chalkboard, you can write and erase messages as many times as you want.pizza a frame

But don’t mistake your A-Frame Sidewalk Café Menu Board for a fair-weather companion, because it can serve you just as well in a mall or on a showroom floor any time of year. So pick one up today and make direct marketing a truly up close and personal proposition.