Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards- #WorthIt

Bulletin boards serve the very important purpose of informing all concerned persons about important bits of information that they need to be aware of. Bulletin boards, especially of the enclosed type are ubiquitous in every school, college or factory. They display important nuggets of messages and information that management wants to convey. Enclosed bulletin board is most popular as it not only provides safety of the board but also prevents any mischievous alteration of information displayed. These enclosed bulletin boards also most frequently have removable letter panels that allow neat display of information as compared to handwritten message displayed on whiteboards placed with the enclosure. This allows the message to be legible to all and sundry.

These enclosed bulletin boards can be placed in any convenient location and can convey any type of information – a boon for factories, restaurants and of course schools and colleges. But it is always no necessary to keep those enclosed and use can be made of numerous types of whiteboards that are on offer. As for example, a sidewalk and menu whiteboard can be conveniently placed to convey information to all those that are supposed to take that route. These whiteboards usually have inbuilt stands and can be placed almost anywhere they are conspicuous.

These whiteboards can be built according to specific needs of customers. A very good example would be of a music teacher that wants to write notations for their students to note down. They can get whiteboards that have music lines already drawn and all that need is to write the proper notations. Same is the case with the young marketing executive that wants to draw impromptu graphs to highlight their achievement during the current budget period. There are whiteboards that have grid lines already drawn on those and the enthusiastic executive only has to draw lines and bars to prove their point.

But this benefit is not available for conveying messages only. Students can use small whiteboards properly cut and framed like conventional clipboards for their use in classrooms. These specially designed whiteboards not only act as rests to place their notebooks on but also as an additional scribbling area where they can do their rough calculations before jotting down the final figure in their notebooks or answer sheets.

Though PowerPoint presentation has been the order of the day, more often than not some arguments and claims need to be further explained and debated upon, and in such instances a wall mounted conference room cabinet housing three pieces of whiteboards comes in handy. The availability of three independent, yet aligned, whiteboards allow a participant enough space to expose their point of view. As these whiteboards are placed within a cabinet, whatever has been written on these boards can be safely preserved for a follow up meeting later.

Whiteboards have come to stay simply because of the huge convenience they provide both to users and viewers alike. No more messy chalks and equally messy dusters, all one needs is a marker pen and special duster to convey neatly all information that one needs to convey.