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Need a Smile?

Here at US Markerboard, we value our customers over all else. We’re the place you go when you need new furniture, boards, or shades. Now, we’re also the place you can go when you just need some uplifting news, like a picture of a cute animal. Life’s too short to be serious all the time. Come crack a smile with us. Submit My Pet

Pets of the Weekapril 2018
Daisy Daisy is a 3 month old Cavapoo, and is our President Scott Newman’s little family addition. She loves to play fetch, cuddle and meet other four legged friends. Daisy comes to work one day a week, and brings a smile to everyone she meets.
Bruno Puggle/morkie mix, 3 years old Bruno is 3. His birthday is September 9 and hes a puggle/morkie
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