Dramatic Play Furniture

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Dramatic Play Furniture

Children’s imaginations need to be nurtured. Beyond the Art Projects and Block Play, fill your room with dramatic play furniture for make-believe fun.

Children will create a whole make-believe life, from the post office play set and play mailbox they would frequent to the play science lab set they’d work at. The story can come to life with realistic make believe sets for daycares. Your class will love having make-believe babies to care for in a doll house with doll accessories and a doll high chair they can keep in the play kitchen set. Children will pretend to do laundry in the toy laundry set, iron on the toy ironing board, and clean the house with a play broom and mop set.

For now, let their imaginations take over as they play in a space play set, dress up at a dress up station and explore castle play sets, make up puppet shows at a puppet show theater with puppet stands.

Store all of the fun toy accessories in your Classroom Storage and Cubbies to keep the room neat when it’s time for different activities!
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