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Standard Magnetic Indicators
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Type: Circle

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SKU: FI-101
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1/2"H Magnetic Circle (White)
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Use these die cut indicators to represent various information using shapes and colors for everyday use on boards.
  • Available in 7 colors: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black and Orange
  • Available in 5 shapes: Circles, Squares, Triangles, Arrows and Stars
  • Indicator can be written on with water soluble markers
  • Sold in sets of 20
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Brand: Magna Visual

Item #: FI-101

UPC: 727289028470

Estimated Ship Dimensions: 12"L x 6"H x 2"D

Estimated Ship Weight: 2 Pounds

Estimated Leadtime: 5 Business Days

Ship Method: Small Package Ground

Ships to: This Item Ships Anywhere In The United States This Item Ships To Canada

Free Shipping: This Item Ships For Free!*

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1"W Arrows
1"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (White) - MAS-3-1
1"W Magnetic Arrow (Orange) - MAS-3-9
1"W Magnetic Arrow (Yellow) - MAS-3-2
1"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (Red) - MAS-3-3
1"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (Blue) - MAS-3-5
1"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (Black) - MAS-3-7
1"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (Green) - MAS-3-6

1/2"H Circles
1/2"H Magnetic Circle (Green) - FI-106
1/2"H Magnetic Circle (Black) - FI-107
1/2"H Magnetic Circle (White) - FI-101
1/2"H Magnetic Circle (Orange) - FI-109
1/2"H Magnetic Circle (Red) - FI-103
1/2"H Magnetic Circle (Yellow) - FI-102
1/2"H Magnetic Circle (Blue) - FI-105

2-1/4"W Arrows
2-1/4"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (Black) - MAS-5-7
2-1/4"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (Green) - MAS-5-6
2-1/4"W Magnetic Arrow (Orange) - MAS-5-9
2-1/4"W Magnetic Arrow (Yellow) - MAS-5-2
2-1/4"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (White) - MAS-5-1
2-1/4"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (Red) - MAS-5-3
2-1/4"W Standard Magnetic Arrow (Blue) - MAS-5-5

3/4"H Magnetic Arrow (Red) - FI-423
3/4"H Magnetic Arrow (Blue) - FI-425
3/4"H Magnetic Arrow (White) - FI-421
3/4"H Magnetic Arrow (Green) - FI-426
3/4"H Magnetic Arrow (Black) - FI-427
3/4"H Magnetic Arrow (Orange) - FI-429
3/4"H Magnetic Arrow (Yellow) - FI-422

3/4"H Magnetic Circle (Yellow) - FI-122
3/4"H Magnetic Circle (Orange) - FI-129
3/4"H Magnetic Circle (White) - FI-121
3/4"H Magnetic Circle (Blue) - FI-125
3/4"H Magnetic Circle (Green) - FI-126
3/4"H Magnetic Circle (Black) - FI-127
3/4"H Magnetic Circle (Red) - FI-123

3/4"H Magnetic Square (Black) - FI-227
3/4"H Magnetic Square (Yellow) - FI-222
3/4"H Magnetic Square (White) - FI-221
3/4"H Magnetic Square (Red) - FI-223
3/4"H Magnetic Square (Green) - FI-226
3/4"H Magnetic Square (Blue) - FI-225
3/4"H Magnetic Square (Orange) - FI-229

3/4"H Magnetic Star (White) - FI-521
3/4"H Magnetic Star (Red) - FI-523
3/4"H Magnetic Star (Blue) - FI-525
3/4"H Magnetic Star (Yellow) - FI-522
3/4"H Magnetic Star (Green) - FI-526
3/4"H Magnetic Star (Black) - FI-527
3/4"H Magnetic Star (Orange) - FI-529

3/4"H Magnetic Triangle (Green) - FI-326
3/4"H Magnetic Triangle (Orange) - FI-329
3/4"H Magnetic Triangle (Black) - FI-327
3/4"H Magnetic Triangle (Yellow) - FI-322
3/4"H Magnetic Triangle (Red) - FI-323
3/4"H Magnetic Triangle (Blue) - FI-325
3/4"H Magnetic Triangle (White) - FI-321
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