Half-Mile Hailer Family


Half-Mile Hailer Family
Standard Half-Mile Hailer Wireless Half-Mile Hailer Wireless Handheld Half-Mile Hailer Standard Half-Mile Hailer Kit Deluxe Half-Mile Hailer Kit Standard Half Mile Hailer Speaker Kit Deluxe Half Mile Hailer Speaker Kit Standard Handheld Half-Mile Hailer Kit Deluxe Handheld Half-Mile Hailer Kit Standard Quad Horn Half-Mile Hailer Kit Deluxe Quad Horn Half-Mile Hailer Kit Carrying Case Wireless Speaker
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SKU: S610A
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Half-Mile Hailer, Standard
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The Hailer family is great for use in high noise areas and large open spaces. Use it to direct emergency crews and alert crowds. It covers a football field! And unlike megaphones which cover your face, the Half-Mile Hailer lets you see and be seen. Great for crowd control, public safety, law enforcement, athletic events, band practice, field days, outdoor marketing events, auctioneers, political campaigns, missionaries, or any other outdoor application you can think of.
  • Standard Hailer Kits include two compact tripods, Deluxe Hailer Kits include two heavy-duty tripods and tripod case.
  • Half-Mile Hailers (S610A, SW610A, and SW615A) include an outdoor portable horn, a 50-watt multimedia stereo amplifier, a built-in tripod mount, and an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Half-Mile Hailer Kits (SW630 and SW632) include a SW610A hailer, an additional S1264 horn speaker, a 40' cable, and one S1960 carrying case.
  • Handheld Half-Mile Hailer Kits (SW635 and SW637) include a SW615A hailer, an additional S1264 horn speaker, a 40' cable, and one S1960 carrying case.
  • Half-Mile Hailer Speaker Kits (SW640 and SW642) include a SW610A hailer, a microphone storage pouch, a S1244-70 wireless powered speaker kit, a 40' cable, and one S1960 carrying case.
  • Quad Horn Half-Mile Hailer Kits (SW660 and SW662) include a SW805A amplifier, a compact tripod, two 40' cords, two "Y" adapters, four speakers to mount on two tripods, wireless lapel and headset microphones, and one S1960 carrying case.
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Brand: Amplivox

Item #: S610A

UPC: 734680061012

Estimated Ship Dimensions: 16"L x 11"H x 16"D

Estimated Ship Weight: 13 Pounds

Estimated Leadtime: 5 Business Days

Ship Method: Small Package Ground

Ships to: This Item Ships Anywhere In The United States This Item Ships To Canada

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