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    Pre-Cut Data Cards

    Pre-Cut Data Cards
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    Use data cards and insert headings with Magna Visual's magnetic cardholders to easily update and change information. Simply handwrite, type, or print information on the data cards. Slide the information or heading into the cardholder. Managing information has never been easier.
    • 1/2", 3/4" and 1" Data Cards are available in additional colors
    • 1000 data cards per package (DC-30-3W and DC-30-4 only comes in a 500pk!)
    • Mixed packs consist only of primary colors (White, Blue, Yellow, Lime, Salmon)

    For your reference:

    This item is also sometimes listed under the following manufacturer numbers
    DC-10-1B, DC-10-1L, DC-10-1M, DC-10-1S, DC-10-1W, DC-10-1Y, DC-10-2B, DC-10-2L, DC-10-2M, DC-10-2S, DC-10-2W, DC-10-2Y, DC-10-3B, DC-10-3L, DC-10-3M, DC-10-3S, DC-10-3W, DC-10-3Y, DC-10-4B, DC-10-4L, DC-10-4M, DC-10-4S, DC-10-4W, DC-10-4Y, DC-10-6B, DC-10-6L, DC-10-6M, DC-10-6S, DC-10-6W, DC-10-6Y, DC-15-1B, DC-15-1D, DC-15-1G, DC-15-1GL, DC-15-1L, DC-15-1M, DC-15-1P, DC-15-1R, DC-15-1S, DC-15-1W, DC-15-1Y, DC-15-2B, DC-15-2D, DC-15-2G, DC-15-2GL, DC-15-2L, DC-15-2M, DC-15-2P, DC-15-2R, DC-15-2S, DC-15-2W, DC-15-2Y, DC-15-3B, DC-15-3D, DC-15-3G, DC-15-3GL, DC-15-3L, DC-15-3M, DC-15-3P, DC-15-3R, DC-15-3S, DC-15-3W, DC-15-3Y, DC-15-4B, DC-15-4D, DC-15-4G, DC-15-4GL, DC-15-4L, DC-15-4M, DC-15-4P, DC-15-4R, DC-15-4S, DC-15-4W, DC-15-4Y, DC-15-6B, DC-15-6D, DC-15-6G, DC-15-6GL, DC-15-6L, DC-15-6M, DC-15-6P, DC-15-6R, DC-15-6S, DC-15-6W, DC-15-6Y, DC-20-1B, DC-20-1BG, DC-20-1D, DC-20-1G, DC-20-1GL, DC-20-1I, DC-20-1L, DC-20-1M, DC-20-1O, DC-20-1P, DC-20-1R, DC-20-1S, DC-20-1T, DC-20-1W, DC-20-1Y, DC-20-2B, DC-20-2BG, DC-20-2D, DC-20-2G, DC-20-2GL, DC-20-2I, DC-20-2L, DC-20-2M, DC-20-2O, DC-20-2P, DC-20-2R, DC-20-2S, DC-20-2T, DC-20-2W, DC-20-2Y, DC-20-3B, DC-20-3BG, DC-20-3D, DC-20-3G, DC-20-3GL, DC-20-3I, DC-20-3L, DC-20-3M, DC-20-3O, DC-20-3P, DC-20-3R, DC-20-3S, DC-20-3T, DC-20-3W, DC-20-3Y, DC-20-4B, DC-20-4BG, DC-20-4D, DC-20-4G, DC-20-4GL, DC-20-4I, DC-20-4L, DC-20-4M, DC-20-4O, DC-20-4P, DC-20-4R, DC-20-4S, DC-20-4T, DC-20-4W, DC-20-4Y, DC-20-6B, DC-20-6BG, DC-20-6D, DC-20-6G, DC-20-6GL, DC-20-6I, DC-20-6L, DC-20-6M, DC-20-6O, DC-20-6P, DC-20-6R, DC-20-6S, DC-20-6T, DC-20-6W, DC-20-6Y, DC-30-2B, DC-30-2L, DC-30-2M, DC-30-2S, DC-30-2W, DC-30-2Y, DC-30-3W, DC-30-4B, DC-30-4L, DC-30-4M, DC-30-4S, DC-30-4W, DC-30-4Y, DC-40-2B, DC-40-2L, DC-40-2M, DC-40-2S, DC-40-2W, DC-40-2Y, DC-40-3B, DC-40-3L, DC-40-3M, DC-40-3S, DC-40-3W, DC-40-3Y, DC-40-4B, DC-40-4L, DC-40-4M, DC-40-4S, DC-40-4W, DC-40-4Y... Show All
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