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    Heirloom Series Wall-Mounted Display Cases

    Heirloom Series Wall-Mounted Display Cases
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    Heirloom Series Wall-Mounted Display Cases showcase and protect your valued possessions and collectibles in a solid oak or hardwood frame with sliding tempered glass doors and built-in locks for extra security. These versatile wooden display cases feature an attractive and practical, space-efficient design, and they also make great counter top displays. Heavy-duty wall mounting brackets may be purchased separately. Choose from one, three, and five shelf units and two different depths to accommodate heirlooms, awards, collectibles, and exhibits of all shapes and sizes.
    • Wall Mounting Kit Sold Separately
    • Case can be used as a counter top display or can be hung with the optional wall mounting kit (shown above)
    • Available in 3 shelf arrangements and 2 depths to accommodate your collection
    • Sliding Tempered Glass Doors and Built in Lock
    • Choose from Mirror, Plaque Fabric and White Laminate Display Backs
    • 894 Series:
      • 1 full-length adjustable shelf
      • 36"L x 30"H x 14"D
      • Optional cornice lighting fixture for an enhanced presentation
    • 890 Series:
      • 3 full-length adjustable shelves
      • 36"L x 30"H x 8"D
    • 8903 Series:
      • 5 full-length adjustable shelves
      • 36"L x 30"H x 8"D

    For your reference:

    This item is also sometimes listed under the following manufacturer numbers
    8903K-MB-AK, 8903K-MB-DK, 8903K-MB-EK, 8903K-MB-MK, 8903K-PB-AK, 8903K-PB-DK, 8903K-PB-EK, 8903K-PB-MK, 8903K-WB-AK, 8903K-WB-DK, 8903K-WB-EK, 8903K-WB-MK, 8903M-MB-C, 8903M-MB-H, 8903M-MB-J, 8903M-MB-W, 8903M-PB-C, 8903M-PB-H, 8903M-PB-J, 8903M-PB-W, 8903M-WB-C, 8903M-WB-H, 8903M-WB-J, 8903M-WB-W, 890K-MB-AK, 890K-MB-DK, 890K-MB-EK, 890K-MB-MK, 890K-PB-AK, 890K-PB-DK, 890K-PB-EK, 890K-PB-MK, 890K-WB-AK, 890K-WB-DK, 890K-WB-EK, 890K-WB-MK, 890M-MB-C, 890M-MB-H, 890M-MB-J, 890M-MB-W, 890M-PB-C, 890M-PB-H, 890M-PB-J, 890M-PB-W, 890M-WB-C, 890M-WB-H, 890M-WB-J, 890M-WB-W, 894K-MB-AK, 894K-MB-AK-8951K-AK, 894K-MB-DK, 894K-MB-DK-8951K-DK, 894K-MB-EK, 894K-MB-EK-8951K-EK, 894K-MB-MK, 894K-MB-MK-8951K-MK, 894K-PB-AK, 894K-PB-AK-8951K-AK, 894K-PB-DK, 894K-PB-DK-8951K-DK, 894K-PB-EK, 894K-PB-EK-8951K-EK, 894K-PB-MK, 894K-PB-MK-8951K-MK, 894K-WB-AK, 894K-WB-AK-8951K-AK, 894K-WB-DK, 894K-WB-DK-8951K-DK, 894K-WB-EK, 894K-WB-EK-8951K-EK, 894K-WB-MK, 894K-WB-MK-8951K-MK, 894M-MB-C, 894M-MB-C-8951M-C, 894M-MB-H, 894M-MB-H-8951M-H, 894M-MB-J, 894M-MB-J-8951M-J, 894M-MB-W, 894M-MB-W-8951M-W, 894M-PB-C, 894M-PB-C-8951M-C, 894M-PB-H, 894M-PB-H-8951M-H, 894M-PB-J, 894M-PB-J-8951M-J, 894M-PB-W, 894M-PB-W-8951M-W, 894M-WB-C, 894M-WB-C-8951M-C, 894M-WB-H, 894M-WB-H-8951M-H, 894M-WB-J, 894M-WB-J-8951M-J, 894M-WB-W, 894M-WB-W-8951M-W... Show All
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