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    Colored Magnetic Strips and Rolls

    Colored Magnetic Strips and Rolls
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    Strip Type:
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    Strip Color: White
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    SKU: PMR-31-1
    Stock #: 7415
    3/8" H x 1" L White Magnetic Strip
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    Magna Visual's colored magnetic strips give you the flexibility to change and move data in seconds. Ten available colors make color coding simple. Ideal for use on magnetic boards or any steel surface such as shelves, file cabinets, bins, tool boxes, drawers, machinery, and doors. Strips have write-on/wipe-off surface for use with water soluble markers only.
    • Extra strong
    • Permanently magnetized
    • Easily repositioned
    • Can be written on with water soluble pen and easily cleaned with damp cloth
    • Easily cut with scissors or paper cutter
    • .050" thickness
    • Available in packages of 25 strips of variable lengths;30" Strips, 50' Rolls

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    This item is also sometimes listed under the following manufacturer numbers
    MR-16-1, MR-16-12, MR-16-2, MR-16-3, MR-16-5, MR-16-6, MR-16-7, MR-16-9, MR-24-1, MR-24-12, MR-24-2, MR-24-3, MR-24-5, MR-24-6, MR-24-7, MR-24-9, MR-3-1, MR-3-12, MR-3-2, MR-3-3, MR-3-5, MR-3-6, MR-3-7, MR-3-9, MR-4-1, MR-4-12, MR-4-2, MR-4-3, MR-4-5, MR-4-6, MR-4-7, MR-4-9, MR-5-1, MR-5-12, MR-5-2, MR-5-3, MR-5-5, MR-5-6, MR-5-7, MR-5-9, MR-6-1, MR-6-12, MR-6-2, MR-6-3, MR-6-5, MR-6-6, MR-6-7, MR-6-9, MR-7-1, MR-7-12, MR-7-2, MR-7-3, MR-7-5, MR-7-6, MR-7-7, MR-7-9, MR-8-1, MR-8-12, MR-8-2, MR-8-3, MR-8-5, MR-8-6, MR-8-7, MR-8-9, MR50-16-1, MR50-16-12, MR50-16-2, MR50-16-3, MR50-16-5, MR50-16-6, MR50-16-7, MR50-16-9, MR50-24-1, MR50-24-12, MR50-24-2, MR50-24-3, MR50-24-5, MR50-24-6, MR50-24-7, MR50-24-9, MR50-3-1, MR50-3-12, MR50-3-2, MR50-3-3, MR50-3-5, MR50-3-6, MR50-3-7, MR50-3-9, MR50-4-1, MR50-4-12, MR50-4-2, MR50-4-3, MR50-4-5, MR50-4-6, MR50-4-7, MR50-4-9, MR50-5-1, MR50-5-12, MR50-5-2, MR50-5-3, MR50-5-5, MR50-5-6, MR50-5-7, MR50-5-9, MR50-6-1, MR50-6-12, MR50-6-2, MR50-6-3, MR50-6-5, MR50-6-6, MR50-6-7, MR50-6-9, MR50-7-1, MR50-7-12, MR50-7-2, MR50-7-3, MR50-7-5, MR50-7-6, MR50-7-7, MR50-7-9, MR50-8-1, MR50-8-12, MR50-8-2, MR50-8-3, MR50-8-5, MR50-8-6, MR50-8-7, MR50-8-9, PMR-161-1, PMR-161-12, PMR-161-2, PMR-161-3, PMR-161-5, PMR-161-6, PMR-161-7, PMR-161-9, PMR-162-1, PMR-162-12, PMR-162-2, PMR-162-3, PMR-162-5, PMR-162-6, PMR-162-7, PMR-162-9, PMR-163-1, PMR-163-12, PMR-163-2, PMR-163-3, PMR-163-5, PMR-163-6, PMR-163-7, PMR-163-9, PMR-164-1, PMR-164-12, PMR-164-2, PMR-164-3, PMR-164-5, PMR-164-6, PMR-164-7, PMR-164-9, PMR-165-1, PMR-165-12, PMR-165-2, PMR-165-3, PMR-165-5, PMR-165-6, PMR-165-7, PMR-165-9, PMR-166-1, PMR-166-12, PMR-166-2, PMR-166-3, PMR-166-5, PMR-166-6, PMR-166-7, PMR-166-9, PMR-241-1, PMR-241-12, PMR-241-2, PMR-241-3, PMR-241-5, PMR-241-6, PMR-241-7, PMR-241-9, PMR-242-1, PMR-242-12, PMR-242-2, PMR-242-3, PMR-242-5, PMR-242-6, PMR-242-7, PMR-242-9, PMR-243-1, PMR-243-12, PMR-243-2, PMR-243-3, PMR-243-5, PMR-243-6, PMR-243-7, PMR-243-9, PMR-244-1, PMR-244-12, PMR-244-2, PMR-244-3, PMR-244-5, PMR-244-6, PMR-244-7, PMR-244-9, PMR-245-1, PMR-245-12, PMR-245-2, PMR-245-3, PMR-245-5, PMR-245-6, PMR-245-7, PMR-245-9, PMR-246-1, PMR-246-12, PMR-246-2, PMR-246-3, PMR-246-5, PMR-246-6, PMR-246-7, PMR-246-9, PMR-31-1, PMR-31-12, PMR-31-2, PMR-31-3, PMR-31-5, PMR-31-6, PMR-31-7, PMR-31-9, PMR-32-1, PMR-32-12, PMR-32-2, PMR-32-3, PMR-32-5, PMR-32-6, PMR-32-7, PMR-32-9, PMR-33-1, PMR-33-12, PMR-33-2, PMR-33-3, PMR-33-5, PMR-33-6, PMR-33-7, PMR-33-9, PMR-34-1, PMR-34-12, PMR-34-2, PMR-34-3, PMR-34-5, PMR-34-6, PMR-34-7, PMR-34-9, PMR-35-1, PMR-35-12, PMR-35-2, PMR-35-3, PMR-35-5, PMR-35-6, PMR-35-7, PMR-35-9, PMR-36-1, PMR-36-12, PMR-36-2, PMR-36-3, PMR-36-5, PMR-36-6, PMR-36-7, PMR-36-9, PMR-41-1, PMR-41-12, PMR-41-2, PMR-41-3, PMR-41-5, PMR-41-6, PMR-41-7, PMR-41-9, PMR-42-1, PMR-42-12, PMR-42-2, PMR-42-3, PMR-42-5, PMR-42-6, PMR-42-7, PMR-42-9, PMR-43-1, PMR-43-12, PMR-43-2, PMR-43-3, PMR-43-5, PMR-43-6, PMR-43-7, PMR-43-9, PMR-44-1, PMR-44-12, PMR-44-2, PMR-44-3, PMR-44-5, PMR-44-6, PMR-44-7, PMR-44-9, PMR-45-1, PMR-45-12, PMR-45-2, PMR-45-3, PMR-45-5, PMR-45-6, PMR-45-7, PMR-45-9, PMR-46-1, PMR-46-12, PMR-46-2, PMR-46-3, PMR-46-5, PMR-46-6, PMR-46-7, PMR-46-9, PMR-51-1, PMR-51-12, PMR-51-2, PMR-51-3, PMR-51-5, PMR-51-6, PMR-51-7, PMR-51-9, PMR-52-1, PMR-52-12, PMR-52-2, PMR-52-3, PMR-52-5, PMR-52-6, PMR-52-7, PMR-52-9, PMR-53-1, PMR-53-12, PMR-53-2, PMR-53-3, PMR-53-5, PMR-53-6, PMR-53-7, PMR-53-9, PMR-54-1, PMR-54-12, PMR-54-2, PMR-54-3, PMR-54-5, PMR-54-6, PMR-54-7, PMR-54-9, PMR-55-1, PMR-55-12, PMR-55-2, PMR-55-3, PMR-55-5, PMR-55-6, PMR-55-7, PMR-55-9, PMR-56-1, PMR-56-12, PMR-56-2, PMR-56-3, PMR-56-5, PMR-56-6, PMR-56-7, PMR-56-9, PMR-61-1, PMR-61-12, PMR-61-2, PMR-61-3, PMR-61-5, PMR-61-6, PMR-61-7, PMR-61-9, PMR-62-1, PMR-62-12, PMR-62-2, PMR-62-3, PMR-62-5, PMR-62-6, PMR-62-7, PMR-62-9, PMR-63-1, PMR-63-12, PMR-63-2, PMR-63-3, PMR-63-5, PMR-63-6, PMR-63-7, PMR-63-9, PMR-64-1, PMR-64-12, PMR-64-2, PMR-64-3, PMR-64-5, PMR-64-6, PMR-64-7, PMR-64-9, PMR-65-1, PMR-65-12, PMR-65-2, PMR-65-3, PMR-65-5, PMR-65-6, PMR-65-7, PMR-65-9, PMR-66-1, PMR-66-12, PMR-66-2, PMR-66-3, PMR-66-5, PMR-66-6, PMR-66-7, PMR-66-9, PMR-71-1, PMR-71-12, PMR-71-2, PMR-71-3, PMR-71-5, PMR-71-6, PMR-71-7, PMR-71-9, PMR-72-1, PMR-72-12, PMR-72-2, PMR-72-3, PMR-72-5, PMR-72-6, PMR-72-7, PMR-72-9, PMR-73-1, PMR-73-12, PMR-73-2, PMR-73-3, PMR-73-5, PMR-73-6, PMR-73-7, PMR-73-9, PMR-74-1, PMR-74-12, PMR-74-2, PMR-74-3, PMR-74-5, PMR-74-6, PMR-74-7, PMR-74-9, PMR-75-1, PMR-75-12, PMR-75-2, PMR-75-3, PMR-75-5, PMR-75-6, PMR-75-7, PMR-75-9, PMR-76-1, PMR-76-12, PMR-76-2, PMR-76-3, PMR-76-5, PMR-76-6, PMR-76-7, PMR-76-9, PMR-81-1, PMR-81-12, PMR-81-2, PMR-81-3, PMR-81-5, PMR-81-6, PMR-81-7, PMR-81-9, PMR-82-1, PMR-82-12, PMR-82-2, PMR-82-3, PMR-82-5, PMR-82-6, PMR-82-7, PMR-82-9, PMR-83-1, PMR-83-12, PMR-83-2, PMR-83-3, PMR-83-5, PMR-83-6, PMR-83-7, PMR-83-9, PMR-84-1, PMR-84-12, 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