Premiere® Microscope Accessories and Replacement Parts

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    Premiere® Microscope Accessories and Replacement Parts

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    Product Overview

    The Microscope Accessory Kit is perfect for purchase with the My First Lab™ Microscope; it contains supplies for you to make your own simple prepared slides, including twelve plain slides, two concavity slides, cover glass, forceps, a scalpel, a plastic dropper, a plastic slide box to hold 25 slides, and a spare bulb for the MFL-02 My First Lab™ Microscope. Directions and helpful hints for preparing simple mounts are also included.::A nylon carrying case for microscopes is available. Featuring easy fitting adjustable straps on the inside, this case can accommodate most microscope models. The case has heavy-duty carrying straps and a zip-down side. Its separate inner liner provides protection and support.::A number of replacement parts for Premiere® microscopes are available as well. Choose from halogen, tungsten, or fluorescent replacement bulbs; lens paper; cedar wood immersion oil; or resolve immersion oil (low and high viscosity available).
    • Microscope Accessory Kit:
      • For use with MFL-02 My First Lab™ Microscope.
      • 12 plain slides, 2 concavity slides, cover glass.
      • Forceps, scalpel, plastic dropper.
      • Plastic slide box to hold 25 slides.
      • Spare bulb for MFL-02.
    • Nylon Carrying Case:
      • Heavy duty straps and zip down sides.
      • Separate inner liner provides support.
      • Easy fitting inside straps adjust to secure most models.
      • 12"W x 8"D x 18"H.
    • Mechanical Stage:
      • Allows smooth and easy adjustment of slides.
      • Moves left and right, backward and forward during observation.
      • Compatible with MS model microscopes.
    • Immersion Oils:
      • MA06: Cedar Wood Oil, 2 ml.
      • MA56: Resolve Oil, Low viscosity; 15 ml
      • MA57: Resolve Oil, High viscosity; 15 ml
    • Lens Paper:
      • MA02: 4" x 6", 100 sheets
      • MA50: 4" x 6", 50 sheets
      • MA86: 6" x 8", 100 sheets
    • Replacement Bulbs:
      • MA07: Halogen, 20W.
      • MA08: Halogen, 15W.
      • MA09: Tungsten, 20W.
      • MA13: Tungsten, 15W.
      • MA68: Fluorescent, 5W.
      • MA69: Halogen, 10W.

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