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    Continent Maps

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    Continent Maps

    North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Donít forget Australia or Antarctica. Donít worry, we didnít forget any of the continents! Theyíre all here for you and your students to look at in depth.

    Discover the world by continents and then maybe look at the Map of the Fault Lines to understand what the world may have looked like before Pangea shifted and where the faults are now. Compare the individual map of the 7 continents to the Map of the World as a whole. Look at a Globe to see a 3D depiction of this spinning, magnificent rock we stand on!

    Colorful maps that are easy to see make great geography teaching tools for the classroom! Maps for students should be interesting, accurate, and easy to use. Hang them up on Cork Map Rails over the Whiteboards or Chalkboard and youíre good to go on with your lesson!

    The world is vast and itís time to introduce students to a whole new world that they may not be aware of! Itís easy to lose perspective going to and from work or school every day. Look at all the places you could go someday by starting with Continent Maps. When youíre ready to explore further, there are State Maps, City Maps, and Atlases just waiting to guide you!

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