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Pouch Laminators

Itís easy to keep your pouch laminating machine close by for last minute laminate work. The pouch laminators fit easily on your desktop or Printer Stand with drawers for the pouch laminator supplies. Breakaway Lanyards and Badge Reels clip easily to the pouch laminated items you make. The best pouch laminators can be found here at US Markerboard, including the GBC pouch laminator.

These pouch laminators warm up right away for immediate use and shut off automatically to conserve energy. In addition, jam release levers keep your workflow running smoothly and adjustable temperature control keeps your pouch laminator operating at optimal efficiency.

These heavy duty pouch laminators can laminate large amounts of badges, IDs, and business cards every day. Let the laminating machine and Laminator Accessories become your new favorite office product with its easy-to-use, professional nature.
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