Sven Can See™ - Anti-Fog Spray

Sven Can See

Sven Can See™ - Anti-Fog Spray
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Sven Can See™ Anti-Fog / Anti-Frost spray - Spray, Wipe and Go - 0.27oz/8mL pen-like bottle applicator
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Sven Can See™ is above all else, a safety product. Compromised vision is a hazard: on the job, outdoors on a hike, or under water. Clean lenses and clear lenses make seeing easy. What do we mean when we say Sven Can See™ is The Safest Way To See™? We mean that you have two options: taking off debris and UV protection in order to see or keeping lenses on at all times. Clearly, keeping eyewear protection on is safer. However, when fog is involved, you rarely have a choice and are forced to take them off. Sven Can See™ ensures you can keep those lenses on for safety.
  • 0.27oz/8mL pen-like applicator
  • Prevents Frost, Freeze and Fog
  • Designed for extreme cold (-20°F to 20°F)
  • Equally effective in normal temperature and high heat
  • Easy to apply - Spray, Wipe and GO!
  • Goes on clear, no waxy residue
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
  • For Use On:
    • Sunglasses
    • Snowshoe and Ski Goggles
    • Snowmobile Visors
    • Hockey Visors
    • Shooting and Hunting Glasses
    • Safety Glasses
  • Best for non-prescription lenses
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Brand: Sven Can See

Item #: SCS-AF8

UPC: 862184000159

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