Premiere® Prepared Slide Sets for Schools

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Premiere® Prepared Slide Sets for Schools
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Elementary Level Prepared Slide Set
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The glass slides in these prepared slide sets are professionally stained and mounted for observation under a microscope. Each slide is individually labeled and packed in the set's 25-capacity labeled storage box.

A large assortment of over three hundred other prepared slides is available for purchase separately; call for details.
  • Elementary Level Set contains the following slides:
    • Cotton Fibers
    • Nylon Fibers
    • Corn Starch
    • Salt Crystal
    • Wool Fibers
    • Silk Fibers
    • Stem of Pumpkin c.s.
    • Legs of Honey Bee
    • Pollen
    • Bird Feathers
    • Hydra w.m.
    • Frog Blood Smear
  • Intermediate Level Set contains the following slides:
    • Hair
    • Sugar
    • Pepper
    • Yeast w.m.
    • Tendon l.s.
    • Bacteria (3 types)
    • Fly Head
    • Fish Skin
    • Human Blood Smear
    • Paramecium w.m.
    • Wing of House Fly
    • Cotton Stem c.s.
    • Cotton Leaf c.s.
    • Penicillium Sec.
    • Hydra l.s.
    • Lily Anther
    • Sprout l.s.
    • Monocotyledon stem c.s.
    • Dicotyledon stem c.s.
    • Simple Squamous Epithelium
    • Stratified Squamous Epithelium
    • Cardiac Muscle (Heart)
    • Smooth Muscle
    • Testes-Mammal
    • Ovary
  • High School Level Set contains the following slides:
    • Loose Connective Tissue
    • Spinal Cord c.s.
    • Motor Nerve Ending
    • Stomach-Mammal Sec.
    • Kidney c.s.
    • Artery & Vein c.s.
    • Blood Vessel of Lung
    • Blood Vessel of Kidney
    • Taste Bud
    • Mouth Smear
    • Human Sperm Smear
    • Mitosis of Animal Cell
    • Hydra thru Testis c.s.
    • Hydra thru Ovary c.s.
    • Hydra with Bud
    • Fern Prothalium w.m.
    • Zea Mays (corn) Seed l.s.
    • Spirogyra
    • Lung-Mammal
    • Colon-Mammal
    • Trachea-Mammal
    • Pancreas-Mammal
    • Uterus-Mammal
    • Spleen-Mammal
    • Onion Root Tips
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