Premiere® MRP-5000 Professional Microscope

CA Scientific Co., Inc.

Premiere® MRP-5000 Professional Microscope
MRP-5000D Dual View Model MRP-5000T Trinocular Model Premiere® MRP-5000 Professional Microscope
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Professional Microscope
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For extensive lab use in clinical and research settings, the MRP-5000 Professional Microscope provides five objectives and an interchangeable condenser system that applies to bright field, phase contrast, and dark field techniques. Lower position of mechanical stage knob offers comfort for extended use.
  • Select standard model, trinocular model (third eyepiece not included), or dual view model (binocular head replaced by adapter fitted to two binocular heads).
  • 30° binocular Seidentopf head rotates 360°.
  • Features a pair of 10X widefield eyepieces.
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment from 55 mm - 75 mm.
  • DIN Achromatic parfocal and parcentered objectives, backward mounted: 4X (N.A. 0.10), 10X (N.A. 0.25), 40XR (N.A. 0.65), 60XR (N.A. 0.90), 100XR Oil (N.A. 1.25).
  • Total magnification: 40X - 1000X.
  • Features a focusing stop to prevent objectives and slides from damage.
  • Graduated mechanical stage size: 140 mm x 135 mm, moving range: 40 mm x 80 mm.
  • Features a spring loaded slide holder.
  • Features an Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with rack and pinion adjustment.
  • Includes both an Iris diaphragm with blue filter and Field diaphragm to offer more light control.
  • Features coaxial coarse and fine focusing tension control knobs.
  • 6V/20W variable intensity halogen illuminator.
  • Wide range voltage for international markets: 90V - 240V.
  • Includes replacement bulb, fuse, immersion oil, and dust cover.
  • Dimensions: 10" x 8" x 16.5".
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Brand: CA Scientific Co., Inc.

Item #: MRP-5000

UPC: 760190041510

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