Welcome to US Markerboard. We are a family owned and operated company based in Holbrook, Massachusetts. The owners are a father and son team, Bob and Scott Newman.

US Markerboard is the online leader in the whiteboard and communication board industry. In 1997 we revolutionized the way people purchased whiteboards, chalkboards, and bulletin boards. Up until that point, customers had no other choice but to use a local company for these products. They were limited to the quality and design that the local companies were willing to offer.

The Internet helped to change all of that. As a company that was serving the needs of local schools, institutions, hospitals and corporations, we saw an opportunity in the visual communication industry. It helped that we were a "click and mortar" company. As many know the late '90's was a very rocky period. But, US Markerboard saw triple digit growth 3 years in a row. We saw peoples' needs in two ways: Those that couldn't find what they were looking for locally, and those that were looking for the best price.

The economic environment of the late '90's actually helped the growth of our company. We thrived through those times and were able to gain market share with the help of major manufacturers who were looking for new avenues to move product in tough economic times. However, here is the big difference, while local companies were still trying to get top dollar for their product, US Markerboard became the leader in high quality whiteboards at very competitive, realistic prices.

What happened was the biggest change our company had ever seen. Our company grew by 500% in 2 years.

As a company our Motto remains the same: YES WE CAN!

YES WE CAN make your custom made boards. YES WE CAN give quantity discounts on all our products. YES WE CAN give you better customer service than you can get anywhere else. And finally, YES WE CAN do this and still offer the best prices in the industry.

Whether you are a school, university, company, institution, government agency or construction company, US Markerboard is looking to serve you today and everyday.

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Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to serving you.
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Thank you for visiting US Markerboard, and feel free to contact me, or any one of our customer service staff with your questions.

Best wishes,

Scott T. Newman
US Markerboard

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