Glassware Brushes - Nylon

CA Scientific Co., Inc.

Glassware Brushes - Nylon
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LB-11 LB-13 LB-14 LB-15 Glassware Brushes - Nylon
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Bristle Size: 2-1/2" x 4"L

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SKU: LB-10
Stock #: 149541
Nylon Beaker Brush, 12"L, with 2-1/2" x 4" Bristles
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The LB-10 features spiral wound black nylon bristles with an extra-heavy tuft end and a wooden handle.

The LB-11 is a large beaker brush with black nylon bristles.

The LB-12 has black nylon bristles and a double-tufted end.

The LB-13 features two rows of bristles and a wooden handle; its end tuft is helpful for cleaning corners.

The LB-14 is a container brush that's attached to a heavy wire handle by a swivel joint. It has black nylon bristles.

The LB-15 is a cylinder brush that has black nylon bristles and a radial tufted end.

The LB-16 is a buret brush with tapered black nylon bristles and a wire handle.

The LB-26 is a buret brush for cleaning 75ml and 100ml tubes. It has white nylon bristles and a wire handle.
  • LB-10:
    • Bristles: 2-1/2" x 4" long
    • Overall length: 12"
  • LB-11:
    • Bristles: 3" x 5" long
    • Overall length: 16"
  • LB-12:
    • Bristles: 3" x 5-1/2" long
    • Overall length: 13"
  • LB-13:
    • Bristles: 3" across rows, 2" across side
    • Overall length: 16"
  • LB-14:
    • Bristles: Single section is 1-1/2" x 4-1/4" long
    • Overall length: 12"
  • LB-15:
    • Bristles: 2" x 5" long
    • Overall length: 13"
  • LB-16:
    • Bristles: 3/4" x 3-1/4" long
    • Overall length: 36"
  • LB-26:
    • Bristles: 1" x 4"
    • Overall length: 36"
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Brand: CA Scientific Co., Inc.

Item #: LB-10

UPC: 760190006106

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