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Thermometer Clamp
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The Knife Edge Lever Clamp is well-constructed and fits standard meter sticks; it's used in setting up a demonstration balance to study the principles of levers, torque, etc. It can also be used to suspend weights from the stirrup.

The Thermometer Clamp is a great tool for holding a thermometer so it doesn't have to rest on the bottom of a container. It's 360 rotatable and has an adjustable jaw.

The Hoffman Clamp is an open jaw, nickel-plated clamp for flexible rubber tubing up to 1/2" diameter. It regulates the flow from fully open to closed, and the lower jaw has a swivel-mount for easy insertion of tubing without disconnecting apparatus.

The Mohr Pinchcock Clamp is made of a heavy nickel-plated brass, providing a flat clamping surface for plastic tubing up to 1/2" diameter.

Burette Clamps have a round jaw that will gently hold a burette and lock at any angle. The single jaw opens approximately 3/8" to 1-3/4" and is rotatable 360.

The Double Burette Clamp can accommodate a burette at both ends. It holds burettes gently without blocking their markings.

The Lincoln Type Burette Clamp is an economy style double burette clamp that holds two burettes in self-closing jaws.

Clamp Holders hold rods up to 3/4" in diameter. The one-piece clamp holder has a fixed jaw angle.
  • Knife Edge Lever Clamp: fits a standard meter stick, used to set up demonstrations of physics principles.
  • Thermometer Clamp: Overall length 6-3/8"; holds thermometer off bottom of container.
  • Hoffman Clamp: 3 pieces/pack. Open jaw clamp for flexible rubber tubing up to 1/2" diameter.
  • Mohr Pinchcock Clamp: 5 pieces/pack. Clamps plastic tubing up to 1/2" diameter.
  • Burette Clamps: Overall length 6.5"; choose plain or plastic-coated jaw; holds burettes and locks at any angle.
  • Double Burette Clamp: holds two burettes without blocking markings.
  • Lincoln Type Burette Clamp: economy double burette clamp with self closing jaws.
  • Clamp Holders: choose from cast iron or aluminum, holds rods up to 3/4" diameter.
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Brand: CA Scientific Co., Inc.

Item #: 97-1701

UPC: 760190717019

Estimated Ship Dimensions: 15"L x 15"H x 11"D

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