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    Wall-Mounted Vinyl Tackboards

    Wall-Mounted Vinyl Tackboards
    Washable vinyl bulletin boards fit in well in high traffic areas where fingerprints, dust, glue, and more can get on the board. Several colors available.
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    Wall-Mounted Vinyl Tackboards are easy to wash and come in 10 attractive designer colors. They feature a durable PremaTak surface that masks pinholes to keep the board looking as good as new - even after repeated posting. Choose from an aluminum frame or wrap-around vinyl edge and make your Wall-Mounted Vinyl Tackboard the center of attention in high traffic areas at school and at work.
    • Offered in your choice of Aluminum framing or decorative Vinyl wrapped edge.
    • Available in 10 colors: Silver, Stone, Caramel, Ivory, Ebony, Ocean, Navy, Berry, Mint, and Spruce.
    • Choose from a number of sizes to fit almost any wall space.

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    This item is also sometimes listed under the following manufacturer numbers
    12UV410-W181, 12UV410-W183, 12UV410-W185, 12UV410-W187, 12UV410-W189, 12UV410-W191, 12UV410-W193, 12UV410-W195, 12UV410-W197, 12UV410-W199, 12UV412-W181, 12UV412-W183, 12UV412-W185, 12UV412-W187, 12UV412-W189, 12UV412-W191, 12UV412-W193, 12UV412-W195, 12UV412-W197, 12UV412-W199, 12UV44-W181, 12UV44-W183, 12UV44-W185, 12UV44-W187, 12UV44-W189, 12UV44-W191, 12UV44-W193, 12UV44-W195, 12UV44-W197, 12UV44-W199, 12UV45-W181, 12UV45-W183, 12UV45-W185, 12UV45-W187, 12UV45-W189, 12UV45-W191, 12UV45-W193, 12UV45-W195, 12UV45-W197, 12UV45-W199, 12UV46-W181, 12UV46-W183, 12UV46-W185, 12UV46-W187, 12UV46-W189, 12UV46-W191, 12UV46-W193, 12UV46-W195, 12UV46-W197, 12UV46-W199, 12UV48-W181, 12UV48-W183, 12UV48-W185, 12UV48-W187, 12UV48-W189, 12UV48-W191, 12UV48-W193, 12UV48-W195, 12UV48-W197, 12UV48-W199, 1618-181, 1618-183, 1618-185, 1618-187, 1618-189, 1618-191, 1618-193, 1618-195, 1618-197, 1618-199, 1623-181, 1623-183, 1623-185, 1623-187, 1623-189, 1623-191, 1623-193, 1623-195, 1623-197, 1623-199, 1634-181, 1634-183, 1634-185, 1634-187, 1634-189, 1634-191, 1634-193, 1634-195, 1634-197, 1634-199, AV35-181, AV35-183, AV35-185, AV35-187, AV35-189, AV35-191, AV35-193, AV35-195, AV35-197, AV35-199, AV410-181, AV410-183, AV410-185, AV410-187, AV410-189, AV410-191, AV410-193, AV410-195, AV410-197, AV410-199, AV412-181, AV412-183, AV412-185, AV412-187, AV412-189, AV412-191, AV412-193, AV412-195, AV412-197, AV412-199, AV44-181, AV44-183, AV44-185, AV44-187, AV44-189, AV44-191, AV44-193, AV44-195, AV44-197, AV44-199, AV45-181, AV45-183, AV45-185, AV45-187, AV45-189, AV45-191, AV45-193, AV45-195, AV45-197, AV45-199, AV46-181, AV46-183, AV46-185, AV46-187, AV46-189, AV46-191, AV46-193, AV46-195, AV46-197, AV46-199, AV48-181, AV48-183, AV48-185, AV48-187, AV48-189, AV48-191, AV48-193, AV48-195, AV48-197, AV48-199... Show All
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