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    The Visual Newsletter
    Presentations for the New Year

    1. Using Display Boards for Maximum Results
    ShoWise™ 6
    Boost your pitching power with visual aids
    Most businesses can use presentation and display boards in a four ways:
    1. Tabletop or booth display at tradeshows
    2. Visual aid in a sales presentation
    3. Tool for in-house meetings
    4. Silent salesperson in your company showroom or office
    See below for Action Steps and Helpful Tips
    5 Action Steps for the best resources to get it done.
    1. Keep the design simple
      Whether you're using your presentation board in a sales meeting or setting up a trade show display booth, the same design rules apply. The overall design should be clean and simple - think big, bold images and big titles that read like headlines.
    2. Choose tradeshow display boards
      Having a display board containing product or service information at your tradeshow booth is one of the most effective ways to communicate your message. Attendees can browse the information on the display board while the booth host demonstrates or discusses the product. Choose from a variety of tabletop display boards.
    3. Print your own sales presentations
      It isn't always cost-effective to have presentation boards professionally printed for sales calls. Presentation boards can look professional and neat if you make them yourself. By having a stock of blank display boards on hand, you can affix posters and artwork to them.
    4. Use presentation boards for meetings
      For in-house meetings or brainstorming sessions, use blank display boards and jot down ideas as they come up. Dry-erase boards and chalkboards are great for this and if you have a lot of notes or prefer to save brainstorming notes, try easel pads.
    5. Find additional uses for tradeshow displays
      Put your tradeshow display boards to use even when you aren't at a tradeshow. Large stand-alone tradeshow booth panels do double duty as a visual communication tool when displayed in your office lobby or showroom.
    3 Helpful Tips
    1. To quickly make storyboards for a client presentation, use spray adhesive on visuals and affix them to blank foam-core display boards.
    2. To convey your message, limit text to essential information that gets the message across and support it with visuals such as charts, graphs or photos. Using more words than visuals will lose your viewer's interest.
    3. When giving a verbal presentation with visuals to reinforce your message, make sure to use only brief titles or headings on the display board with the supporting photos or charts. Putting too much information on the display board can distract or confuse your audience and your original message will be lost.
    2. Trade Show Displays for Today
    Showise™ 8
    Get your company's message out there
    Three important tips when choosing displays and exhibit booths.
    1. Compare before you buy - there's a wide variety of display booths available.
    2. Order custom-designed display booths to meet specific needs.
    3. Budget for giveaways and supplies to outfit booths.
    See below for Action Steps and Helpful Tips
    3 Action Steps to get it done.
    1. Trade show booths and displays vary widely in type and design
      Ultra-light fabrics and collapsible metal frames (like the kinds used in modern tents) have made display booths lighter and easier to set up than ever.
    2. Banner and other stands keep budgets low and impact high
      Part of the value of a trade show booth is clear and simple signage: Your brand or company name displayed large enough on banners to be read by the flow of attendees. Affordable portable trade show booths are light and easy to transport. Use stands to point trade show traffic around corners and down hallways to your exhibit booths.
    3. After convention display booths, shop for trade show supplies
      A trade show booth gets your message across but there's more to consider. Outdoor events call for special need items, for crowd control and cleanliness. You'll also want branded give-a-ways to hand to visitors who stop by your booth. Here are a few to help in this department: PC Name Tag, Branders and Positive Promotions.
    2 Helpful Tips
    1. Plan carefully. Make sure your smallest staffer can pack and carry whatever trade show display or display booths you buy or rent.
    2. Consider size. Convention displays are usually larger than the usual simple display booths, while trade show exhibits are in-between. Consider buying detachable pieces that interchange with each other. For smaller shows, use portions of your trade show display instead of your full-scale trade-show booth configuration.
    3. Guide to Effective Presentations
    Presenter Screen
    Presentations are more than a PowerPoint slide show
    Three primary components to effective presentations are:
    1. Relevant content
    2. User-friendly design
    3. Dynamic delivery
    See below for Action Steps and Helpful Tips
    5 Action Steps to a stellar presentation:
    1. Content first
      Presentations consist of three parts: introduction, core material, summary and closing. Visualize a hamburger - the introduction and closure are the bread, the core materials are the meat, and the summary is the condiments. The main value of any presentation is the core, yet you need other ingredients to provide a working foundation to add flavor.
    2. Involve your audience
      As you create your masterpiece, always keep your audience in mind. Focus the presentation to their needs and find ways to engage them in the presentation. If you want real audience participation, design questions within the presentation to encourage two-way communication. Looking for more impact and greater retention at your meetings? ARS Technologies offers a tool that is imported into a PowerPoint presentation for immediate feedback from your audience. They call it a 'lean forward technology' that insures the audience 'leans forward' pays closer attention and has an increased retention.
    3. Make it attractive
      Whether your presentation format is as simple as a poster board or as elaborate as a PowerPoint slide show - they're tools to guide your listener. Use them to communicate key points. Limit the introduction of material for each display to short informative bites. Be sure the fonts you use are easily recognizable and readable; limit them to one or two. Consider the use of graphics and special effects, remember less is more.
    4. Effective delivery
      Practice, practice, practice! If possible, videotape yourself delivering the material. Have dress rehearsals with employees, business partners or even family members. Solicit feedback and tweak your presentation accordingly. If you keep delivering the same presentation style and it's not bringing you the results you desire, request feedback and make changes to meet your audience's needs.
    5. Plan B - Backup
      Be prepared for any mishaps that you have no control over. Computers crash, software programs freeze and yes, presentation materials sometimes are misplaced on the way to the big event. Anticipate what might go wrong, have a backup plan in place, and practice your backup plan. If your presentation was created on your laptop, have a backup on CD.
    6 Helpful Tips
    1. Be consistent in the creation of your presentation materials. You're branding yourself and your company and creating an important first impression.
    2. Create templates for use in future presentations.
    3. The focus is on your company and its message - not your abilities as a graphic designer or multimedia designer or presenter or your presentation tools.
    4. The value of any presentation is measured by the audience and not the presenter.
    5. The feeling of 'butterflies in the stomach' is a natural reaction to an increase in adrenaline. Honor the feeling and know - with practice - that this nervousness will quickly fade once you have begun the presentation.
    6. Even professional presenters follow these steps. Shortcutting the process only lessens your chances for a successful presentation.
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