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    Reliant Series Aluminum Frame Display Case

    Reliant Series Aluminum Frame Display Case
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    Reliant Series combines the strength and durability of aluminum with the engaging look of wood. Anodized aluminum framing secures the sliding glass doors and incorporates a built-in lock. The accent wood, which comes in oak veneer or wood-grained vinyl, completes the design for a clean, uncluttered appearance. Reliant Series display cases may be used with a separate cornice lighting fixture for an enhanced presentation. Ideal for either traditional or contemporary settings, the Reliant Series is a value-packed choice for the protected display of your treasured memorabilia.
    • Anodized aluminum framing
    • Sliding glass doors with built-in locks
    • Base available in oak veneer or wood-grained vinyl
    • May be used with optional cornice lighting fixture
    • 2074 Series:
      • Case with 4 half-length adjustable shelves
      • 48"L x 72"H x 16"D including 12"H base
      • Built-In Lighting
    • 2075 Series:
      • Case with 4 half-length adjustable shelves
      • 60"L x 72"H x 16"D including 12"H base
      • Built-In Lighting
    • 2076 Series:
      • Case with 4 half-length adjustable shelves
      • 72"L x 72"H x 16"D including 12"H base
      • Built-In Lighting
    • 2281 Series:
      • Case with 1 full-length adjustable shelf
      • 36"L x 40"H x 14"D including 10"H base
    • Mirror display back available on 2074 and 2281 Series.

    For your reference:

    This item is also sometimes listed under the following manufacturer numbers
    2074MB-BZ-AK, 2074MB-BZ-DK, 2074MB-BZ-LV, 2074MB-BZ-MK, 2074MB-BZ-WV, 2074MB-GD-AK, 2074MB-GD-DK, 2074MB-GD-LV, 2074MB-GD-MK, 2074MB-GD-WV, 2074MB-SN-AK, 2074MB-SN-DK, 2074MB-SN-LV, 2074MB-SN-MK, 2074MB-SN-WV, 2074PB-BZ-AK, 2074PB-BZ-DK, 2074PB-BZ-LV, 2074PB-BZ-MK, 2074PB-BZ-WV, 2074PB-GD-AK, 2074PB-GD-DK, 2074PB-GD-LV, 2074PB-GD-MK, 2074PB-GD-WV, 2074PB-SN-AK, 2074PB-SN-DK, 2074PB-SN-LV, 2074PB-SN-MK, 2074PB-SN-WV, 2074WB-BZ-AK, 2074WB-BZ-DK, 2074WB-BZ-LV, 2074WB-BZ-MK, 2074WB-BZ-WV, 2074WB-GD-AK, 2074WB-GD-DK, 2074WB-GD-LV, 2074WB-GD-MK, 2074WB-GD-WV, 2074WB-SN-AK, 2074WB-SN-DK, 2074WB-SN-LV, 2074WB-SN-MK, 2074WB-SN-WV, 2075PB-BZ-AK, 2075PB-BZ-DK, 2075PB-BZ-LV, 2075PB-BZ-MK, 2075PB-BZ-WV, 2075PB-GD-AK, 2075PB-GD-DK, 2075PB-GD-LV, 2075PB-GD-MK, 2075PB-GD-WV, 2075PB-SN-AK, 2075PB-SN-DK, 2075PB-SN-LV, 2075PB-SN-MK, 2075PB-SN-WV, 2075WB-BZ-AK, 2075WB-BZ-DK, 2075WB-BZ-LV, 2075WB-BZ-MK, 2075WB-BZ-WV, 2075WB-GD-AK, 2075WB-GD-DK, 2075WB-GD-LV, 2075WB-GD-MK, 2075WB-GD-WV, 2075WB-SN-AK, 2075WB-SN-DK, 2075WB-SN-LV, 2075WB-SN-MK, 2075WB-SN-WV, 2076PB-BZ-AK, 2076PB-BZ-DK, 2076PB-BZ-LV, 2076PB-BZ-MK, 2076PB-BZ-WV, 2076PB-GD-AK, 2076PB-GD-DK, 2076PB-GD-LV, 2076PB-GD-MK, 2076PB-GD-WV, 2076PB-SN-AK, 2076PB-SN-DK, 2076PB-SN-LV, 2076PB-SN-MK, 2076PB-SN-WV, 2076WB-BZ-AK, 2076WB-BZ-DK, 2076WB-BZ-LV, 2076WB-BZ-MK, 2076WB-BZ-WV, 2076WB-GD-AK, 2076WB-GD-DK, 2076WB-GD-LV, 2076WB-GD-MK, 2076WB-GD-WV, 2076WB-SN-AK, 2076WB-SN-DK, 2076WB-SN-LV, 2076WB-SN-MK, 2076WB-SN-WV, 2174MB-BZ-AK, 2174MB-BZ-DK, 2174MB-BZ-LV, 2174MB-BZ-MK, 2174MB-BZ-WV, 2174MB-GD-AK, 2174MB-GD-DK, 2174MB-GD-LV, 2174MB-GD-MK, 2174MB-GD-WV, 2174MB-SN-AK, 2174MB-SN-DK, 2174MB-SN-LV, 2174MB-SN-MK, 2174MB-SN-WV, 2174PB-BZ-AK, 2174PB-BZ-DK, 2174PB-BZ-LV, 2174PB-BZ-MK, 2174PB-BZ-WV, 2174PB-GD-AK, 2174PB-GD-DK, 2174PB-GD-LV, 2174PB-GD-MK, 2174PB-GD-WV, 2174PB-SN-AK, 2174PB-SN-DK, 2174PB-SN-LV, 2174PB-SN-MK, 2174PB-SN-WV, 2174WB-BZ-AK, 2174WB-BZ-DK, 2174WB-BZ-LV, 2174WB-BZ-MK, 2174WB-BZ-WV, 2174WB-GD-AK, 2174WB-GD-DK, 2174WB-GD-LV, 2174WB-GD-MK, 2174WB-GD-WV, 2174WB-SN-AK, 2174WB-SN-DK, 2174WB-SN-LV, 2174WB-SN-MK, 2174WB-SN-WV, 2175PB-BZ-AK, 2175PB-BZ-DK, 2175PB-BZ-LV, 2175PB-BZ-MK, 2175PB-BZ-WV, 2175PB-GD-AK, 2175PB-GD-DK, 2175PB-GD-LV, 2175PB-GD-MK, 2175PB-GD-WV, 2175PB-SN-AK, 2175PB-SN-DK, 2175PB-SN-LV, 2175PB-SN-MK, 2175PB-SN-WV, 2175WB-BZ-AK, 2175WB-BZ-DK, 2175WB-BZ-LV, 2175WB-BZ-MK, 2175WB-BZ-WV, 2175WB-GD-AK, 2175WB-GD-DK, 2175WB-GD-LV, 2175WB-GD-MK, 2175WB-GD-WV, 2175WB-SN-AK, 2175WB-SN-DK, 2175WB-SN-LV, 2175WB-SN-MK, 2175WB-SN-WV, 2176PB-BZ-AK, 2176PB-BZ-DK, 2176PB-BZ-LV, 2176PB-BZ-MK, 2176PB-BZ-WV, 2176PB-GD-AK, 2176PB-GD-DK, 2176PB-GD-LV, 2176PB-GD-MK, 2176PB-GD-WV, 2176PB-SN-AK, 2176PB-SN-DK, 2176PB-SN-LV, 2176PB-SN-MK, 2176PB-SN-WV, 2176WB-BZ-AK, 2176WB-BZ-DK, 2176WB-BZ-LV, 2176WB-BZ-MK, 2176WB-BZ-WV, 2176WB-GD-AK, 2176WB-GD-DK, 2176WB-GD-LV, 2176WB-GD-MK, 2176WB-GD-WV, 2176WB-SN-AK, 2176WB-SN-DK, 2176WB-SN-LV, 2176WB-SN-MK, 2176WB-SN-WV, 2281MB-BZ-AK, 2281MB-BZ-AK-8901, 2281MB-BZ-DK, 2281MB-BZ-DK-8901, 2281MB-BZ-LV, 2281MB-BZ-LV-8901, 2281MB-BZ-MK, 2281MB-BZ-MK-8901, 2281MB-BZ-WV, 2281MB-BZ-WV-8901, 2281MB-GD-AK, 2281MB-GD-AK-8901, 2281MB-GD-DK, 2281MB-GD-DK-8901, 2281MB-GD-LV, 2281MB-GD-LV-8901, 2281MB-GD-MK, 2281MB-GD-MK-8901, 2281MB-GD-WV, 2281MB-GD-WV-8901, 2281MB-SN-AK, 2281MB-SN-AK-8901, 2281MB-SN-DK, 2281MB-SN-DK-8901, 2281MB-SN-LV, 2281MB-SN-LV-8901, 2281MB-SN-MK, 2281MB-SN-MK-8901, 2281MB-SN-WV, 2281MB-SN-WV-8901, 2281PB-BZ-AK, 2281PB-BZ-AK-8901, 2281PB-BZ-DK, 2281PB-BZ-DK-8901, 2281PB-BZ-LV, 2281PB-BZ-LV-8901, 2281PB-BZ-MK, 2281PB-BZ-MK-8901, 2281PB-BZ-WV, 2281PB-BZ-WV-8901, 2281PB-GD-AK, 2281PB-GD-AK-8901, 2281PB-GD-DK, 2281PB-GD-DK-8901, 2281PB-GD-LV, 2281PB-GD-LV-8901, 2281PB-GD-MK, 2281PB-GD-MK-8901, 2281PB-GD-WV, 2281PB-GD-WV-8901, 2281PB-SN-AK, 2281PB-SN-AK-8901, 2281PB-SN-DK, 2281PB-SN-DK-8901, 2281PB-SN-LV, 2281PB-SN-LV-8901, 2281PB-SN-MK, 2281PB-SN-MK-8901, 2281PB-SN-WV, 2281PB-SN-WV-8901, 2281WB-BZ-AK, 2281WB-BZ-AK-8901, 2281WB-BZ-DK, 2281WB-BZ-DK-8901, 2281WB-BZ-LV, 2281WB-BZ-LV-8901, 2281WB-BZ-MK, 2281WB-BZ-MK-8901, 2281WB-BZ-WV, 2281WB-BZ-WV-8901, 2281WB-GD-AK, 2281WB-GD-AK-8901, 2281WB-GD-DK, 2281WB-GD-DK-8901, 2281WB-GD-LV, 2281WB-GD-LV-8901, 2281WB-GD-MK, 2281WB-GD-MK-8901, 2281WB-GD-WV, 2281WB-GD-WV-8901, 2281WB-SN-AK, 2281WB-SN-AK-8901, 2281WB-SN-DK-8901, 2281WB-SN-LV, 2281WB-SN-LV-8901, 2281WB-SN-MK, 2281WB-SN-MK-8901, 2281WB-SN-WV, 2281WB-SN-WV-8901... Show All
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