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    Enclosed Indoor/Outdoor Bulletin Boards

    Enclosed Indoor/Outdoor Bulletin Boards
    This locking aluminum bulletin board comes in 2 finishes, multiple vinyl colors, & comes with available lighting & heading features. Make your notices pop with a back splash of color.
    Reg. $151.99
    Sale: $136.79
    Sale Ends: 12/31/17
    List Price: $315.00You Save: $163.01 (52%)

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    This Enclosed Bulletin Boards protects and displays your important information and documents for all the world to see. The lockable hinged doors feature shatter-resistant acrylic to keep your display clean, secure, and undisturbed. In addition, the resilient vinyl posting surface self-heals from pin and tack holes.
    • Exterior case depth: 2-1/4".
    • Interior case depth is 7/8".
    • Acrylic Glass Thickness: 1/8".
    • Self supporting doors with continuous hinges.
    • Tumble locks with keys.
    • Vinyl PremaTak surface retains resiliency and features a fabric backing for added durability.
    • 6" high white header panel with lighting
    • Standard lettering on header is in uppercase, helvetica-style black font and is sized and centered depending on requested name
    • Lighting system includes U.L. Listed fluorescent fixture, bulb, and a three wire electrical lead
    • Available in many different Frame Finishes .
    • Dimensions: Exterior - (Interior Space):
      • 24"H x 18"W (22-5/8"H x 16-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 24"W (34-5/8"H x 22-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 30"W (34-5/8"H x 28-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 36"W (34-5/8"H x 34-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 48"W (34-5/8"H x 46-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 60"W (34-5/8"H x 58-5/8"W)
      • 48"H x 60"W (46-5/8"H x 58-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 72"W (34-5/8"H x 70-5/8"W)
      • 48"H x 72"W (46-5/8"H x 70-5/8"W)
      • 48"H x 96"W (46-5/8"H x 94-5/8"W)

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    This item is also sometimes listed under the following manufacturer numbers
    PA12418VX-181, PA12418VX-183, PA12418VX-185, PA12418VX-187, PA12418VX-189, PA12418VX-191, PA12418VX-193, PA12418VX-195, PA12418VX-197, PA12418VX-199, PA13624VX-181, PA13624VX-183, PA13624VX-185, PA13624VX-187, PA13624VX-189, PA13624VX-191, PA13624VX-193, PA13624VX-195, PA13624VX-197, PA13624VX-199, PA13630VX-181, PA13630VX-183, PA13630VX-185, PA13630VX-187, PA13630VX-189, PA13630VX-191, PA13630VX-193, PA13630VX-195, PA13630VX-197, PA13630VX-199, PA13636VX-181, PA13636VX-183, PA13636VX-185, PA13636VX-187, PA13636VX-189, PA13636VX-191, PA13636VX-193, PA13636VX-195, PA13636VX-197, PA13636VX-199, PA23648VX-181, PA23648VX-183, PA23648VX-185, PA23648VX-187, PA23648VX-189, PA23648VX-191, PA23648VX-193, PA23648VX-195, PA23648VX-197, PA23648VX-199, PA23660VX-181, PA23660VX-183, PA23660VX-185, PA23660VX-187, PA23660VX-189, PA23660VX-191, PA23660VX-193, PA23660VX-195, PA23660VX-197, PA23660VX-199, PA24860VX-181, PA24860VX-183, PA24860VX-185, PA24860VX-187, PA24860VX-189, PA24860VX-191, 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