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    Enclosed Fabric Bulletin Boards with Wood Frame

    Enclosed Fabric Bulletin Boards with Wood Frame
    This locking bulletin board comes in several combination choices. Choose the color fabric, color wood frame, & the size, ranging from 1-door to 3-doors that suits your indoor space best.
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    Enclosed Fabric Bulletin Boards feature a decorative fabric posting surface to make your messages stand out at school, the store, or at the office. These boards come fully equipped with continuous hinges, shatter-resistant acrylic, and flat tumble locks to keep your displays accessible, yet secure. Choose from 1, 2, and 3 door designs in a number of sizes and finishes.
    • Exterior case depth: 2-1/4".
    • Interior case depth is 7/8".
    • :Glass Thickness: 1/8".
    • Self supporting doors with continuous hinges.
    • Tumble locks with keys.
    • Choose from Oak or Walnut finish.
    • Fabric Bulletin Board available in Gray, Beige, or Blue.
    • Fabric Bulletin Boards are available in 1, 2, and 3 door designs
    • Dimensions: Exterior - (Interior Space):
      • 24"H x 18"W (22-5/8"H x 16-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 24"W (34-5/8"H x 22-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 30"W (34-5/8"H x 28-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 36"W (34-5/8"H x 34-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 48"W (34-5/8"H x 46-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 60"W (34-5/8"H x 58-5/8"W)
      • 48"H x 60"W (46-5/8"H x 58-5/8"W)
      • 36"H x 72"W (34-5/8"H x 70-5/8"W)
      • 48"H x 72"W (46-5/8"H x 70-5/8"W)
      • 48"H x 96"W (46-5/8"H x 94-5/8"W)
    • For indoor use only

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    This item is also sometimes listed under the following manufacturer numbers
    PN12418F-90, PN12418F-91, PN12418F-92, PN12418F-93, PN12418F-95, PN13624F-90, PN13624F-91, PN13624F-92, PN13624F-93, PN13624F-95, PN13630F-90, PN13630F-91, PN13630F-92, PN13630F-93, PN13630F-95, PN13636F-90, PN13636F-91, PN13636F-92, PN13636F-93, PN13636F-95, PN23648F-90, PN23648F-91, PN23648F-92, PN23648F-93, PN23648F-95, PN23660F-90, PN23660F-91, PN23660F-92, PN23660F-93, PN23660F-95, PN24860F-90, PN24860F-91, PN24860F-92, PN24860F-93, PN24860F-95, PN33672F-90, PN33672F-91, PN33672F-92, PN33672F-93, PN33672F-95, PN34872F-90, PN34872F-91, PN34872F-92, PN34872F-93, PN34872F-95, PN34896F-90, PN34896F-91, PN34896F-92, PN34896F-93, PN34896F-95, PW12418F-90, PW12418F-91, PW12418F-92, PW12418F-93, PW12418F-95, PW13624F-90, PW13624F-91, PW13624F-92, PW13624F-93, PW13624F-95, PW13630F-90, PW13630F-91, PW13630F-92, PW13630F-93, PW13630F-95, PW13636F-90, PW13636F-91, PW13636F-92, PW13636F-93, PW13636F-95, PW23648F-90, PW23648F-91, PW23648F-92, PW23648F-93, PW23648F-95, PW23660F-90, PW23660F-91, PW23660F-92, PW23660F-93, PW23660F-95, PW24860F-90, PW24860F-91, PW24860F-92, PW24860F-93, PW24860F-95, PW33672F-90, PW33672F-91, PW33672F-92, PW33672F-93, PW33672F-95, PW34872F-90, PW34872F-91, PW34872F-92, PW34872F-93, PW34872F-95, PW34896F-90, PW34896F-91, PW34896F-92, PW34896F-93, PW34896F-95, PWC12418F-90, PWC12418F-91, PWC12418F-92, PWC12418F-93, PWC12418F-95, PWC13624F-90, PWC13624F-91, PWC13624F-92, PWC13624F-93, PWC13624F-95, PWC13630F-90, PWC13630F-91, PWC13630F-92, PWC13630F-93, PWC13630F-95, PWC13636F-90, PWC13636F-91, PWC13636F-92, PWC13636F-93, PWC13636F-95, PWC23648F-90, PWC23648F-91, PWC23648F-92, PWC23648F-93, PWC23648F-95, PWC23660F-90, PWC23660F-91, PWC23660F-92, PWC23660F-93, PWC23660F-95, PWC24860F-90, PWC24860F-91, PWC24860F-92, PWC24860F-93, PWC24860F-95, PWC33672F-90, PWC33672F-91, PWC33672F-92, PWC33672F-93, PWC33672F-95, PWC34872F-90, PWC34872F-91, PWC34872F-92, PWC34872F-93, PWC34872F-95, PWC34896F-90, PWC34896F-91, PWC34896F-92, PWC34896F-93, PWC34896F-95... Show All
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