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    Egan™ EganCabinet 202 Presentation Cabinets

    Egan™ EganCabinet 202 Presentation Cabinets

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    This Conference Cabinet keeps all presentation needs contained to one locking cabinet. You have your flipchart, projection surface, bulletin board tackable surface, and your whiteboard writing surface
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    Body Finish: Clear Anodized
    Door Finish: Black Etex
    Black Etex
    Black Oak Wood Veneer
    Cherry Wood Veneer
    Charcoal Etex
    Dark Oak Wood Veneer
    EganMetallic Etex
    Gray Etex
    Light Oak Wood Veneer
    Mahogany Wood Veneer
    Medium Oak Wood Veneer
    Natural Maple Wood Veneer
    Platinum Etex
    Putty Etex
    Slate Etex
    Sand Etex
    Taupe Etex
    Walnut Wood Veneer
    Additional Flipchart:
    SKU: CE2A4842BLFL
    Stock #: 55924
    Egan - 48"W x 42"H EganCabinet 202 Presentation Cabinet, Clear Anodized Body Finish, Black Etex Door Finish, with 2nd Flipchart with TearBar and Locks
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    Designed to handle modern applications like data projection, this Conference Room Cabinet meets the highest design aesthetics. Features EVS Projection in 60"W x 48"H or 48"W x 42"H surfaces for dry-erase and projection applications. Cabinet interiors are equipped with tackable EganFabric panels and a flipchart with tearbar which may be suspended from either door. Ships with a mounting bracket, an EganCloth, and red, green, brown, and black markers. Offered with Wood, Etex, or Custom Color doors.
    • Depth: 2-11/16"
    • Select either a clear anodized or black anodized body finish.
    • Choose a size.
    • Choose from either eight wood veneer finishes or nine Etex finishes.
    • Pick any cabinet options, if desired/ options include a second flipchart with tearbar or a lock for the doors.
    • Ships standard with EganFabric (Putty colored) on right panel
    • Maharam fabrics also available, call for details.
    • This item can be customized in many ways beyond the options listed on this page, please call for more information.
    • ATTENTION: Please note that Egan products may not be returned unless defective.

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