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    BaseLine® Tables

    BaseLine® Tables
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    Angeles' BaseLine® tables are designed specially for preschool classrooms. The rounded edges won't snag or scrape and have a waterproof trim for protection against spills. Leg boots muffle sound and prevent rust and offer a coordinated design. No metal fasteners means your table looks great and won't cause injuries.
    • Lightweight and easy to move
    • Easy-to-clean laminate surfaces
    • Durable design especially for kids
    • Safe, rounded edges
    • Waterproof edge trim
    • Leg boots reduce noise and prevent rust
    • No exposed metal fasteners
    • Choose from 10 colors, four shapes, seven tabletop sizes and seven heights
    • 5-year warranty

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    This item is also sometimes listed under the following manufacturer numbers
    AB739K-12-GN, AB739K-12-NW, AB739K-12-OB, AB739K-12-PB, AB739K-12-PG, AB739K-12-PR, AB739K-12-PY, AB739K-14-GN, AB739K-14-NW, AB739K-14-OB, AB739K-14-PB, AB739K-14-PG, AB739K-14-PR, AB739K-14-PY, AB739K-16-GN, AB739K-16-NW, AB739K-16-OB, AB739K-16-PB, AB739K-16-PG, AB739K-16-PR, AB739K-16-PY, AB739K-18-GN, AB739K-18-NW, AB739K-18-OB, AB739K-18-PB, AB739K-18-PG, AB739K-18-PR, AB739K-18-PY, AB739K-20-GN, AB739K-20-NW, AB739K-20-OB, AB739K-20-PB, AB739K-20-PG, AB739K-20-PR, AB739K-20-PY, AB739K-22-GN, AB739K-22-NW, AB739K-22-OB, AB739K-22-PB, AB739K-22-PG, AB739K-22-PR, AB739K-22-PY, AB739K-24-GN, AB739K-24-NW, AB739K-24-OB, AB739K-24-PB, AB739K-24-PG, AB739K-24-PR, AB739K-24-PY, AB741S-12-NW, AB741S-12-OB, AB741S-12-PB, AB741S-12-PG, AB741S-12-PR, AB741S-12-PY, AB741S-14-GN, AB741S-14-NW, AB741S-14-OB, AB741S-14-PB, AB741S-14-PG, AB741S-14-PR, AB741S-14-PY, AB741S-16-GN, AB741S-16-NW, AB741S-16-OB, AB741S-16-PB, AB741S-16-PG, AB741S-16-PR, AB741S-16-PY, AB741S-18-GN, AB741S-18-NW, AB741S-18-OB, AB741S-18-PB, AB741S-18-PG, AB741S-18-PR, AB741S-18-PY, AB741S-20-GN, AB741S-20-NW, AB741S-20-OB, AB741S-20-PB, AB741S-20-PG, AB741S-20-PR, AB741S-20-PY, AB741S-22-GN, AB741S-22-NW, AB741S-22-OB, AB741S-22-PB, AB741S-22-PG, AB741S-22-PR, AB741S-22-PY, AB741S-24-GN, AB741S-24-NW, AB741S-24-OB, AB741S-24-PB, AB741S-24-PG, AB741S-24-PR, AB741S-24-PY, AB744D-12-GN, AB744D-12-NW, AB744D-12-OB, AB744D-12-PB, AB744D-12-PG, AB744D-12-PR, AB744D-12-PY, AB744D-14-GN, AB744D-14-NW, AB744D-14-OB, AB744D-14-PB, AB744D-14-PG, AB744D-14-PR, AB744D-14-PY, AB744D-16-GN, AB744D-16-NW, AB744D-16-OB, AB744D-16-PB, AB744D-16-PG, AB744D-16-PR, AB744D-16-PY, AB744D-18-GN, AB744D-18-NW, AB744D-18-OB, AB744D-18-PB, AB744D-18-PG, AB744D-18-PR, AB744D-18-PY, AB744D-20-GN, AB744D-20-NW, AB744D-20-OB, AB744D-20-PB, AB744D-20-PG, AB744D-20-PR, AB744D-20-PY, AB744D-22-GN, AB744D-22-NW, AB744D-22-OB, AB744D-22-PB, AB744D-22-PG, AB744D-22-PR, AB744D-22-PY, AB744D-24-GN, AB744D-24-NW, AB744D-24-OB, AB744D-24-PB, AB744D-24-PG, AB744D-24-PR, AB744D-24-PY, AB745R-12-GN, AB745R-12-NW, AB745R-12-OB, AB745R-12-PB, AB745R-12-PG, AB745R-12-PR, AB745R-12-PY, AB745R-14-GN, AB745R-14-NW, AB745R-14-OB, AB745R-14-PB, AB745R-14-PG, AB745R-14-PR, AB745R-14-PY, AB745R-16-GN, AB745R-16-NW, AB745R-16-OB, AB745R-16-PB, AB745R-16-PG, AB745R-16-PR, AB745R-16-PY, AB745R-18-GN, AB745R-18-NW, AB745R-18-OB, AB745R-18-PB, AB745R-18-PG, AB745R-18-PR, AB745R-18-PY, AB745R-20-GN, AB745R-20-NW, AB745R-20-OB, AB745R-20-PB, AB745R-20-PG, AB745R-20-PR, AB745R-20-PY, AB745R-22-GN, AB745R-22-NW, AB745R-22-OB, AB745R-22-PB, AB745R-22-PG, AB745R-22-PR, AB745R-22-PY, AB745R-24-GN, AB745R-24-NW, AB745R-24-OB, AB745R-24-PB, AB745R-24-PG, AB745R-24-PR, AB745R-24-PY, AB746R-12-GN, AB746R-12-NW, AB746R-12-OB, AB746R-12-PB, AB746R-12-PG, AB746R-12-PR, AB746R-12-PY, AB746R-14-GN, AB746R-14-NW, AB746R-14-OB, AB746R-14-PB, AB746R-14-PG, AB746R-14-PR, AB746R-14-PY, AB746R-16-GN, AB746R-16-NW, AB746R-16-OB, AB746R-16-PB, AB746R-16-PG, AB746R-16-PR, AB746R-16-PY, AB746R-18-GN, AB746R-18-NW, AB746R-18-OB, AB746R-18-PB, AB746R-18-PG, AB746R-18-PR, AB746R-18-PY, AB746R-20-GN, AB746R-20-NW, AB746R-20-OB, AB746R-20-PB, AB746R-20-PG, AB746R-20-PR, AB746R-20-PY, AB746R-22-GN, AB746R-22-NW, AB746R-22-OB, AB746R-22-PB, AB746R-22-PG, AB746R-22-PR, AB746R-22-PY, AB746R-24-GN, AB746R-24-NW, AB746R-24-OB, AB746R-24-PB, AB746R-24-PG, AB746R-24-PR, AB746R-24-PY, AB747R-12-GN, AB747R-12-NW, AB747R-12-OB, AB747R-12-PB, AB747R-12-PG, AB747R-12-PR, AB747R-12-PY, AB747R-14-GN, AB747R-14-NW, AB747R-14-OB, AB747R-14-PB, AB747R-14-PG, AB747R-14-PR, AB747R-14-PY, AB747R-16-GN, AB747R-16-NW, AB747R-16-OB, AB747R-16-PB, AB747R-16-PG, AB747R-16-PR, AB747R-16-PY, AB747R-18-GN, AB747R-18-NW, AB747R-18-OB, AB747R-18-PB, AB747R-18-PG, AB747R-18-PR, AB747R-18-PY, AB747R-20-GN, AB747R-20-NW, AB747R-20-OB, AB747R-20-PB, AB747R-20-PG, AB747R-20-PR, AB747R-20-PY, AB747R-22-GN, AB747R-22-NW, AB747R-22-OB, AB747R-22-PB, AB747R-22-PG, AB747R-22-PR, AB747R-22-PY, AB747R-24-GN, AB747R-24-NW, AB747R-24-OB, AB747R-24-PB, AB747R-24-PG, AB747R-24-PR, AB747R-24-PY, AB749D-12-NW, AB749D-12-PB, AB749D-12-PG, AB749D-12-PR, AB749D-12-PY, AB749D-14-NW, AB749D-14-PB, AB749D-14-PG, AB749D-14-PR, AB749D-14-PY, AB749D-16-NW, AB749D-16-PB, AB749D-16-PG, AB749D-16-PR, AB749D-16-PY, AB749D-18-NW, AB749D-18-PB, AB749D-18-PG, AB749D-18-PR, AB749D-18-PY, AB749D-20-NW, AB749D-20-PB, AB749D-20-PG, AB749D-20-PR, AB749D-20-PY, AB749D-22-NW, AB749D-22-PB, AB749D-22-PG, AB749D-22-PR, AB749D-22-PY, AB749D-24-NW, AB749D-24-PB, AB749D-24-PG, AB749D-24-PR, AB749D-24-PY... Show All
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