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    2000 Series Stacking Chair

    2000 Series Stacking Chair

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    Virco's stackable 2000 Series chairs combine the strength of heavy-gauge tubular steel legs with a smooth polypropylene shell and a comfortably contoured waterfall seat front. They're available in 12", 14", 16", and 18" seat heights for use in all grade levels.
    • Also available with Steel Glides
    • They're available in 12 attractive colors and five seat heights

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    2012-BLK01-BLK01, 2012-BLK01-BLU40, 2012-BLK01-BLU51, 2012-BLK01-BRN14, 2012-BLK01-GRN12, 2012-BLK01-GRN34, 2012-BLK01-GRN75, 2012-BLK01-GRY41, 2012-BLK01-PUR43, 2012-BLK01-RED50, 2012-BLK01-RED70, 2012-BLK01-YLW47, 2012-CHRM-BLK01, 2012-CHRM-BLU40, 2012-CHRM-BLU51, 2012-CHRM-BRN14, 2012-CHRM-GRN12, 2012-CHRM-GRN34, 2012-CHRM-GRN75, 2012-CHRM-GRY41, 2012-CHRM-PUR43, 2012-CHRM-RED50, 2012-CHRM-RED70, 2012-CHRM-YLW47, 2012-GRY02-BLK01, 2012-GRY02-BLU40, 2012-GRY02-BLU51, 2012-GRY02-BRN14, 2012-GRY02-GRN12, 2012-GRY02-GRN34, 2012-GRY02-GRN75, 2012-GRY02-GRY41, 2012-GRY02-PUR43, 2012-GRY02-RED50, 2012-GRY02-RED70, 2012-GRY02-YLW47, 2014-BLK01-BLK01, 2014-BLK01-BLU40, 2014-BLK01-BLU51, 2014-BLK01-BRN14, 2014-BLK01-GRN12, 2014-BLK01-GRN34, 2014-BLK01-GRN75, 2014-BLK01-GRY41, 2014-BLK01-PUR43, 2014-BLK01-RED50, 2014-BLK01-RED70, 2014-BLK01-YLW47, 2014-CHRM-BLK01, 2014-CHRM-BLU40, 2014-CHRM-BLU51, 2014-CHRM-BRN14, 2014-CHRM-GRN12, 2014-CHRM-GRN34, 2014-CHRM-GRN75, 2014-CHRM-GRY41, 2014-CHRM-PUR43, 2014-CHRM-RED50, 2014-CHRM-RED70, 2014-CHRM-YLW47, 2014-GRY02-BLK01, 2014-GRY02-BLU40, 2014-GRY02-BLU51, 2014-GRY02-BRN14, 2014-GRY02-GRN12, 2014-GRY02-GRN34, 2014-GRY02-GRN75, 2014-GRY02-GRY41, 2014-GRY02-PUR43, 2014-GRY02-RED50, 2014-GRY02-RED70, 2014-GRY02-YLW47, 2016-BLK01-BLK01, 2016-BLK01-BLU40, 2016-BLK01-BLU51, 2016-BLK01-BRN14, 2016-BLK01-GRN12, 2016-BLK01-GRN34, 2016-BLK01-GRN75, 2016-BLK01-GRY41, 2016-BLK01-PUR43, 2016-BLK01-RED50, 2016-BLK01-RED70, 2016-BLK01-YLW47, 2016-CHRM-BLK01, 2016-CHRM-BLU40, 2016-CHRM-BLU51, 2016-CHRM-BRN14, 2016-CHRM-GRN12, 2016-CHRM-GRN34, 2016-CHRM-GRN75, 2016-CHRM-GRY41, 2016-CHRM-PUR43, 2016-CHRM-RED50, 2016-CHRM-RED70, 2016-CHRM-YLW47, 2016-GRY02-BLK01, 2016-GRY02-BLU40, 2016-GRY02-BLU51, 2016-GRY02-BRN14, 2016-GRY02-GRN12, 2016-GRY02-GRN34, 2016-GRY02-GRN75, 2016-GRY02-GRY41, 2016-GRY02-PUR43, 2016-GRY02-RED50, 2016-GRY02-RED70, 2016-GRY02-YLW47, 2018-BLK01-BLK01, 2018-BLK01-BLU40, 2018-BLK01-BLU51, 2018-BLK01-BRN14, 2018-BLK01-GRN12, 2018-BLK01-GRN34, 2018-BLK01-GRN75, 2018-BLK01-GRY41, 2018-BLK01-PUR43, 2018-BLK01-RED50, 2018-BLK01-RED70, 2018-BLK01-YLW47, 2018-CHRM-BLK01, 2018-CHRM-BLU40, 2018-CHRM-BLU51, 2018-CHRM-BRN14, 2018-CHRM-GRN12, 2018-CHRM-GRN34, 2018-CHRM-GRN75, 2018-CHRM-GRY41, 2018-CHRM-PUR43, 2018-CHRM-RED50, 2018-CHRM-RED70, 2018-CHRM-YLW47, 2018-GRY02-BLK01, 2018-GRY02-BLU40, 2018-GRY02-BLU51, 2018-GRY02-BRN14, 2018-GRY02-GRN12, 2018-GRY02-GRN34, 2018-GRY02-GRN75, 2018-GRY02-GRY41, 2018-GRY02-PUR43, 2018-GRY02-RED50, 2018-GRY02-RED70, 2018-GRY02-YLW47... Show All
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